Notary Services

Town employees provide Notary services as a courtesy. Town employees who serve as Notaries do not receive additional compensation and they are not reimbursed for their expenses to become or maintain their Notary status.

The following guidelines will be followed in the provision of Notary Service:

  • Notary Services are available during the normal business hours and are not available in the fifteen (15) minutes after the time of opening or prior to the time of closing.
  • Notary Service is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • A valid, government-issued photo identification is required of any customer seeking Notary Service.
  • The document(s) cannot already have been signed.
  • All signers must be present at time of notarizing.
  • The Notary is stating they have witnessed the document being signed.
  • The person(s) signing must provide a proper photo ID.
  • The document must contain the appropriate Notarial Statement or Clause. There can be no exceptions.
  • Notary Service is limited to three (3) documents per person, per visit.
  • Documents in any language other than English will not be notarized at this facility.
  • Notary Service is not available for deeds, mortgages, wills, living wills, living trusts, codicils or depositions.
  • In situations where a witness is required the Staff will not provide witnesses, and witnesses may not be solicited from patrons of Town Hall. In order to serve as a witness, the witness must personally know the individual whose document is being notarized and must be in possession of valid photo identification.
  • Certain public documents cannot be copied and notarized. Examples of these are birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates and passports.
  • Massachusetts law requires that a Notary and the person seeking notarization be able to communicate directly with each other. The Notary is not permitted to make use of a translator to communicate with a Notary Service customer.
  • In accordance with Massachusetts Notarial Law, Notaries will not provide service if the customer, document or circumstances of the request for Notary Service raise any issue of authenticity, ambiguity, doubt or uncertainty. In this event, the Notary may, at his/her sole discretion, decline to provide Notary Service.