Emergency Management


During certain local or regional emergencies, a need to temporarily shelter residents may occur. Public Safety Officials, including the Rochester Fire Department, Police Department, Emergency Management Agency and the Board of Health have prepared a local sheltering plan to help address these needs, should they arise.

Activation of shelter operation will be determined by the Public Safety Officials. The plan is designed to be flexible and modular to accommodate the needs of residents based on the situation at hand. Shelter operations will be managed by Rochester Public Safety Officials. Assistance may be provided from other local, regional, state and Federal resources as needed.

In the event of an emergency, the Council on Aging building at 67 Dexter Lane will be designated as a temporary emergency shelter when needed. Information will be available by calling Dispatch at (781) 934-1111.

We encourage residents to report power outages directly to Eversource by calling 1-800-592-2000.

Emergency Management Director

NameContact Phone
Paul Ciaburri

(508) 728-2528