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Just a reminder that the Town of Rochester Recycling IQ project will begin this Friday, May 15th on the Week B route. 
Keep a lookout between 7 and 11 AM for the 4 yellow vested cart checkers  who will be familiarizing themselves
with the route and placing a Recycle Smart tag on your recycling bin letting you know that your neighborhood has
been selected as part of our Recycling IQ launch.  If you don’t see a tag this week, please know that as we get faster at
checking the routes we will expand to other areas of the town. 

The cart checkers will be wearing masks and gloves and will sanitize their gloves regularly throughout the morning. 
We ask that if you approach the cart checkers to please maintain appropriate social distancing.  The cart checkers will
answer questions about what can/cannot be recycled but we also urge you to consult the Smart Recycling Guide which is
being mailed to every home and post office box in the upcoming weeks for additional information.  The cart checkers will
refer residents with other questions or concerns to the Rochester Town Hall at 508-763-3871.


Wareham Water's Consumer Report for 2019


Click here for a BLUE ALGAE fact sheet


Aggregation Plan Public Review


We encourage residents to report power outages directly to 

by calling 1-800-592-2000.




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