Trash must be curbside by 7:00 AM on Friday.
Holiday Schedule: If there is a holiday during the
week trash pick-up will be on Saturday.



This is when it gets serious folks.  Inspection/Rejection of Recycling starts tomorrow for Week A and continues for the next 16 weeks.  Week A is inspected 8 times and Week B is inspected 8 times beginning tomorrow.  At 7 AM the cart inspectors will begin their routes inspecting each cart.  If the cart has 3 or more of the big no’s - Plastic Bags, Plastic Wrap, Food Waste, Clothing/Linen, Tanglers (hoses, wires, chains, electronics), hard non-recyclable plastics – your cart will be tagged with an OOPSs tag. 

The cart will be turned sideways, and ABC will not pick up the cart.  The number of your cart/address is written down, the reason for rejection is written down, and a picture will be taken.  Your cart will not be picked up until the next week.  We want to eliminate any confusion over why your cart was not emptied.  At the end of the inspection route your address will be called into ABC, so the driver also knows not to pick up the cart.  In some towns people have run out, remove the tag, turn it back to the right direction so the driver is notified to prevent this from happening.

The recycling cart inspectors will be making two passes through each route.  This way if your cart is not out at 7 AM they will have a second chance to inspect the carts prior to the 11 AM deadline.  Once all the carts have been inspected, we call ABC and tell the recycling truck it can pick up in your neighborhood.  You will see a delay in recycling collection in some parts of town, and earlier than normal pickups in others because the schedule has been changed to adjust for the “closed” neighborhoods due to the cart inspection.

If between inspection one and two you have cleaned your cart and want the inspector to look at it again flag them down.  They are wearing neon vests and have an ID card.  They want to help your cart pass.  If they see just a couple of things wrong, they will try and clean up your cart – so if you see people moving things from recycling to garbage wearing a neon vest, they are trying to help you!

Please, if you can, inform your neighbors if you do not see them on Facebook or other social media sites.  Yesterday I delivered 57 of the mailers to homes that had missed them, with the exception of Forbes because you all don’t have mailboxes,  two or three homes on County where I was afraid I would get hit when I stopped, and I have 4 more to deliver today.  Those that I could not hand deliver will be in the mail today/tomorrow.  I want to thank every person who has asked questions, questioned the process, shared their concerns, and want you to know that I will continue to listen and help anyway I can.

If you want to share additional concerns, I urge you to call Town Hall. They will collect the phone calls for me and your concerns will be dealt with by the Town Administrator or me.  This is just a small piece of my job as the town’s grant writer, and I want you to know that I work only a few hours a week but I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Thanks again. 
Marcia Kessler

The RochesterTransfer Station Sticker and Beach Sticker will be two separate stickers in 2020; the beach will be $20 or one free for residents over 70 yrs old and transfer station sticker is $40 or one for $30 for residents over 70 yrs old.  Stickers are valid for a calendar year. Possession of this sticker will give you access to Silvershell Beach in Marion as well as parking at Island Wharf and Old Landing in Marion. You will also have use of three transfer stations; Carver-Marion-Wareham Regional Refuse District Disposal, CMW & Rochester Convenience Center and the Rochester Town Barn.  Privilege stickers are available in the Selectmen’s Office during regular business hours. Payment can be made by cash or check made payable to Town of Rochester. Please be sure to bring your current vehicle registration bearing a Rochester address.  Residents 70 and over are eligible for one sticker per year at no charge (photo ID is required for residents over 70 yrs old).  Please review our Privilege Sticker Policy before purchasing your sticker.  Please contact the Transfer Stations directly with questions.

Rochester Privilege Sticker
Transfer Station Options

Carver- Marion- Wareham Regional Refuse District Disposal,
Benson Brook Road, Marion, MA

The Benson Brook Transfer Station & CMW Convenience Center
are owned and operated by
SEMASS.  Please contact SEMASS
with questions regarding those facilities.  Thank you. 
Covanta SEMASS website
(click here).


2020 ABC Disposal SS Recycling Flyer

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Please call ABC Disposal Service at 508-995-0544 with any questions pertaining to the Recycling Schedule or to report a missed pickup.

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