Treasurer's Office


The Town Treasurer is responsible for:

  • The receipt, investment, and disbursement of all Town funds – including funding and disbursing all bills and payroll  

  • Maintaining the cash book reflecting accurate breakdown of all receipts and disbursements and cash balances

  • The management of the Town payroll

  • The administration of employee health and life insurance programs

  • Working with the Assessor's and Accountant’s departments to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the Town’s finances

  • Investing the Town’s funds in accordance with guidelines imposed by Ch. 44, Sec. 55, of Massachusetts General Laws

  • Executing all short and long-term borrowing which Town Meeting has authorized, with approval of the Selectboard 

  • Management of the Town’s property which is in Tax Title or Foreclosure

  • Assisting in analysis and monitoring of the Town’s operating budget

  • Preparing various year-end reports including reconciliation of Treasurer’s cash, detailed statement of receipts and disbursements, schedules of bond payments due, report of trust and investment funds, and the report of other official acts of the Treasurer

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with financial institutions holding town funds and invests funds therein as allowed by law

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Diana Knapp Payroll Administrator (508) 763-3871 Ext. 122
Kory Lydon Treasurer
Kory Lydon Treasurer (508) 763-3871 Ext. 114